Are you an individual looking for ways to make an impact and grow your capital?


Individual Investor

Interested in an alternative to obligations and stocks investments. Concerned about how the bank is investing his savings in businesses that do not do good to the world. Looking for short period investments with a social impact.
Steve has started investing 1000 euro in 2016 and made 120 euro. This year he is investing 3000 euro, supporting 10 farmers.
In 2 years Steve will have supported 14 farmers and made 480 euros. “I am planning to create a small capital in 5 years of about 10000 euro and start saving for my retirement. The fact I can do this while supporting small-holders farmers in Kenya makes me proud and happy.” Steve says. “If I leave my capital in my bank I probably buy a couple of icecreams at the end of the year. With HSHC Kenya I can build up my capital and do good for my country at the same time, I feel I am in control of my asset.”


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